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No matter what the season, nutrition is a problem for our elders.

The risk of increased dehydration in our elders during the heat of the summer is well known. But did you know that appetite decreases with the heat to help your body keep cool? On top of that, sugar cravings increase with age and we crave sweets more than nutritional foods. Also, so many medications affect the sense of taste and smell. Is it any wonder many of our elders have poor nutrition?

The importance of good nutrition is something our Springpoint at Home Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA) and Aging Life Care Advisors™/Care Management Team keep on top of because we know the effects of a poor diet are far reaching.

Not eating enough or eating an unbalanced diet can lead to fatigue, impaired decision-making, and slow reaction times. It can also lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and that deficiency is linked to heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. Even more alarming may be the results of a study by Harvard Medical School, which shows a connection between a poor diet and an increased risk of depression.

The list sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Fatigue, slow reaction times, depression, and even poor executive function are things too often categorized as “normal” to the aging process. What if some of these symptoms are caused by lack of nutrition? What if poorly fitting dentures is what contributes to poor food choices, like pudding or ice cream instead of fruits and vegetables? What if feeling lonely and isolated makes the thought of cooking too much of an effort?

Too many of our elders forget to eat, hate to eat alone, or have trouble going shopping and cooking. We understand how they can struggle.

Our Springpoint at Home Certified Home Health Aides make sure our elders are eating and drinking several times during the day, will prepare or help prepare meals, and serve as a companion, especially during mealtime. Our Aging Life Care Advisor™/Care Manager will shop for your elder or can schedule a meal delivery, so they don’t need to turn on any appliances in the sweltering heat of summer.

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