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Here are some of the 2022 intention words from our Springpoint at Home staff.

Peace. Empower. Perseverance. Bravery. Thanks. Faith. Enough.

Here at Springpoint at Home, we encourage staff to select a yearly intention word and to share it with one another. We know that an intention word shared encourages personal growth, builds gratitude and helps transform lives, all of which are key to helping our clients.

Words are powerful tools that can uplift our mood and improve our lives. Yet, words by themselves do not have meanings. It is the meaning we assign to them that matters. The type of peace one person strives for may be very different from the type of peace another person is working toward. It is why this practice is deeply personal and can help transform your life.

The definition of intention is “what one intends to do or bring about.” So, it makes sense that an intention word is chosen to reframe your thinking about what you want to grow into or bring into your life.

Intentions are not punitive the way a New Year’s resolution can be. When someone can’t keep up with a “I will go to the gym three times a week” resolution, it is easy to spiral into negative self-talk and behaviors. Whereas, an intention allows for more flexibility in the way you accomplish the reframing, growth, peace or empowerment you want in your life.

An intention word has the power to change your behavior and interactions because words have power. The power of words carries the ability to help and heal.

Here at Springpoint at Home, we understand the importance of intentions that focus our energy, effort and attention for the year ahead in ways that help our clients and their families.

What is your intention word for 2022?


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