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Hear What People Have To Say About Springpoint At Home

What professionals think…

“I have several clients who have used Springpoint at Home and have seen the quality of their services. Based on my clients’ experiences, I consider Springpoint at Home a partner that my team and I at Van Dyck Law count on to provide the high level of care that I would want my own mother to receive. Therefore, we are happy to refer clients to them. Before I make a referral, I always consider this: would I want them to work with my family? If the answer is anything other than a resounding yes, then I do not make a referral.
When we referred a client in crisis to Annette Murphy for her care coordination, she immediately jumped in to ensure that the client was in a safe environment and set them up with the services and equipment needed to make sure that they could stay at home. The relief that the family felt was priceless. Springpoint at Home worked with an elderly client of mine. As he had no close family to assist with his healthcare decisions, he relied upon the Springpoint team. I cannot commend them enough in that regard. My client came to view them as “family” he could depend upon, and they treated him with kindness and compassion. When he was hospitalized, they were with him every day to make sure that he received appropriate care. It is so difficult and overwhelming to anyone who finds themselves in a hospital, but it can be devastating when you are nearly 90 and alone. The compassionate care that the entire Springpoint at Home team brings to all of their clients is remarkable.”

Fiona Van Dyck, Esq.

Lilia Mejia receives positive comments from her client’s daughter, Ellen.

“Lilia gives my mother excellent physical care, and does many other things that are not necessarily required. She helps me oversee her medication schedule which is a great help because it has become more and more complex. She is cheerful about helping to take my mother to appointments and outings. Furthermore, she provides companionship that my mother truly appreciates; it lightens her days. We greatly look forward to the days that she will be with us!”

Nina E. Weiss, Esq. shares positive comments about Annette Murphy and Team

“As a solo legal practitioner, I rely on my universe of colleagues and professionals for assistance with clients.  Every single time I reach out to Annette Murphy of Springpoint, she responds speedily with care, concern, and competence.  My clients are incredibly grateful for the insight, empathy, and assistance offered by Springpoint.  We have developed a synergy that is essential to my practice.  It gives me peace of mind to know I can unequivocally rely on Annette and her team at Springpoint.”

Prudance (“Trudy”) Jaychon, was thanked by one family with this beautiful letter:

I can concisely sum up Trudy’s qualities in two words: Miracle Worker. Thanks to Trudy’s tender loving care and concern, my in-laws are living their best lives possible given their medical issues. Our family is indebted to Trudy for the care and love she has given my in-laws for the past ten months. I now consider Trudy part of our family. She works tirelessly and reliably for long hours and never complains. From my personal experience, there is no one more qualified in her field.

Monica Bynum who received this testimonial from her client:

I am so pleased you have recognized Monica, my Home Aide. Monica bonded with my husband from day one. She helps get him out of bed and dressed with a cheery attitude. He has dementia, so she hears a lot of repeated questions, always patient. One day when I came from outside, she was reading to him from a favorite book about his ancestry that my son had written. Another day she was looking at his picture books with him. She has been a blessing to us.

Hospice Nurse regarding aides for Ms. V:

I just really want to give accolades to Adrienne (Ceide) and Luciana (Theophile) for the care that they gave to one of my recent patients that has just passed away. They were her private aides for about a month and both of them are assets to your company. I have worked with Adrienne in the past with other residents, and again, it speaks volumes of her work, but Luciana as well. I just want to let you know how grateful I am as a nurse. Seeing how much time and compassion that they gave just warms my heart. Because they have such hearts of gold, I want to make sure they are recognized.

Chrissy, RN

See praises for Mary Anne Ross Aging Life Care Advisor™:

We’re writing you, to praise the outstanding job Mary Anne Ross did advocating for our parents and our family to get them transferred to a new facility in DE, where they can receive the care they need. Mary Anne, was there to guide, instruct and finalized the entire procedure. Each step was precise, empathic, and flawless. You have a very talented and caring person in Marry Anne and we give her the highest praise and recommendation for further success w/others, and in her career.

Thank you & God bless – Wendy & Michael

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