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It Starts with an In-Home Assessment

Springpoint at Home In-Home Assessment

Whether you’re looking for care management or home care, once we understand your needs, we’ll be ready to help.

There are two types of in-home assessments.

Home Care Assessment

This is preliminary to our providing specific services, such as help with meal preparation or personal hygiene. Springpoint at Home doesn’t charge for this type of assessment when it’s the first step in providing home care — we just want to make certain that the services we’re providing are appropriate and adequate. Because the assessment is an in-home evaluation of an older adult’s needs and the family’s concerns, it helps the family better understand a loved one’s current situation and plan for future needs.

Our complimentary Home Care Assessment is completed by a Registered Nurse and includes:

  • Medical Information: medical history, physical abilities and medications.
  • Functional Abilities: activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing and meal preparation.
  • Cognitive Function: memory and mental.

Care Management Assessment

This is a very in-depth evaluation conducted by our care management team. These team members include social workers and gerontologists who members of our team are highly experienced in working with seniors. Their assessment focuses on eight criteria as defined by Aging Life Care Association, including:
ALCA 8 knowledge areas

  • Health & Disability.
  • Financial.
  • Housing.
  • Family.
  • Local Resources.
  • Advocacy.
  • Legal.
  • Crisis Intervention.

The result of care management assessment is a plan of care (a road map, if you will) for your loved one that supports his or her ongoing safety and happiness with the highest possible level of independence. You can then choose to coordinate with our team for ongoing services to implement that plan of care through coordinated geriatric care management and home care services.

If you are interested in a Care Management Assessment, please contact us online or give us a call at 844-724-1777  and we can provide you with additional information on the fees for this service.

Is It Time to Hire In-Home Care?

Contact us today to get a complimentary consultation so we can determine the RIGHT plan for you or your loved one!

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