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Home Care

The answer is maybe. Difficulty getting to the doctor or a reluctance to sit in a doctor’s waiting room is not sufficient to qualify for alternate healthcare options. 

There are healthcare organizations which make house calls and can serve as the primary care physician, coordinating with other specialists such as your cardiologist or pulmonologist. The medical staff is typically comprised of board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. But this type of healthcare is reserved for bed bound or home bound individuals.

This type of healthcare service can take care of a range of illnesses, chronic conditions and prescribe medications. The services they can perform are physical exams, vaccinations, wound care, evaluations such as diabetic, cardiac, respiratory, dementia and nutrition. In-home diagnostic testing, such as bloodwork, urinalysis, x-rays, EKGs, Echocardiograms, Ultrasounds and Dopplers can also be provided in the home. 

Springpoint at Home’s Aging Life Care Advisors ™/ Care Managers can help you determine your eligibility and help you find the right service for you. Many are concierge (fee for service) payment models. Some concierge MDs come for one time or as an intermittent consultant. There may be a wait list or services that are not available in your area for Medicare. Others may take private insurance. Navigating all these variables is a daunting task.

In addition, there are dentists, podiatrists and optometrists that also offer in-home care. 

The training and experience of our Springpoint at Home’s Aging Life Care Advisors ™/ Care Managers allows them to help in a multitude of ways. The in-home care system is fragmented and hard to navigate. Sometimes creative options are the most helpful for your elder and our professionals are uniquely qualified to help.

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