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Congratulations to employees with 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service!

SPT Employee'sOne measure of a company is their employees. In the healthcare field, longevity in a company is a good indicator that the organization values their employees and that employees believe in the mission and values of the company. This is what made the inaugural Years of Service luncheon for Springpoint at Home a special event for the officers of Springpoint and their employees.

Part of the Springpoint family, Springpoint at Home embodies the organization’s mission to inspire families with endless opportunities. They do so with exceptional services and innovative programs, not just for the families they serve, but for their employees as well.

In late January, John Harz, VP of Human Resources, welcomed and gave the opening address to Springpoint at Home employees celebrating 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years of service with the company.

SPT Employee'sGiven that Springpoint at Home is itself only 7 years old, it was a special delight to celebrate with employees who joined Springpoint at Home from sister Springpoint companies. Carol Koenigsfest, RN Services, celebrated 20 years of service while Janet Matlock celebrated 15 years of service. Janet won the President’s Award two years ago at the Leadership Summit meeting and is the first service worker to wear the “Gold Badge.”

Helping to honor these employees were Linda Rose, Senior VP of Health Services and Chief Clinical Officer, Michael Tuccillo, VP of Hospitality, David Woodward, COO, and Annette Murphy, Director of Home Care and Care Management. The event would not have been possible without the sound system help from Brian Shaprio, of IT Services and HR coordinators Michele Woodley and Mathew Flora and the Meadow Lakes dining services.

Annette Murphy, Director of Home Care and Care Management, addressed the honorees explaining how Springpoint at Home believes the key to its success are these company values:

Respect: We recognize the value and dignity of every person.
Commitment: We are accountable to the greater community.
Compassion: We seek to understand and empathize with others.
Service: We strive to exceed expectations.
Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in all that we do.
Integrity: We are honest, responsible and ethical.
Innovation: We aim to continuously improve our services and organization.

SPT Employee'sAnnette spoke about how important their contribution to the company is and invited honorees to write down their own keys to success and pin them to the keys board.

Every honoree received a certificate from the President of Springpoint along with a key chain from Annette to remind them that they are the keys to the past, present and future of Springpoint at Home. In addition, each employee will select a gift of their choice (e.g. jewelry, purse, etc.) from the OC Tanner booklet on the date of their service anniversary.


Congratulations to everyone celebrating 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service!

20 Years of Service

Carol Koenigsfest, RN

15 Years of Service

Janet Matlock

10 Years of Service

Anita Cole

5 Years of Service

SPT Employee'sLorna McMillian-Lowe, Marie Remy, Marion Green, Martha Duah, Mary Owusu, Mylene Celestin, Myrtle Sylvester, Nana Duoduwa, Olivia Nyamadi, Pearl Osam-Duodu, Ritha Michell, Rohan Duncan, Rosa Thompson, Rosemarie Kanu, Samia Cher Hyppolite, Sando Roberts, Towain Dolo, Vergie Peppers, Victoria Gyan, Virie Williamson, Yrose Dessalines, Andrea Vancooten, Shann McGuier, Marnie Deab, Flora Leone, Kathleen Brophy, Annette Murphy, Lisa Candito, Teresa Wood, Adrienne Ceide, Althea Brown, Guy Armenus, Beatrice Benyarko, Beatrice Owiredu, Bema Oduro, Bertilda Barrett, Carol McLeon, Claramene Aldajuste, Connie Gentry, Elenia Alfred, Elijah Olewole, Elizabeth Lepowoe, Francisca Agbagba, Cheryl Baird, Cloverlyn Thompson, Claudett Thoms, Gracelyn Lewis, Guerline Saturne, Hannah Mensa, Helena Adu, Jill Reitschmeid, Josette Le-Franc Jean, Jouseline Lincifort, Lech Karubin, Lilia Mejia, Lilliana Leonardo, Loretta Oppong-Agyei


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