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When you decide to hire a Home Care Agency, cost is a factor, but it should not be the only one. A previous article which outlined what to expect when you hire a home care agency included questions to narrow down the list of potential agencies.
One question that is rarely asked, but tells you much about the company, is “What is the average length of employment for aides in your organization?” It’s an important question because longevity tells you that the company supports their employees and treats them well.
Working as a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) is physically hard, but it is emotionally difficult as well. Even as your aide works to meet physical needs, they must understand your loved one’s emotional needs and learn to fit into the way they want to live their life.
Springpoint at Home is proud of the work ethic, care and compassion our CHHA’s show to each and every client. We are proud of the number of aides who have five, ten, fifteen and even twenty-five years of employment with our company.
Ask a Springpoint at Home Aide why they continue to do this work and they will tell you:

  • “Older people need help and it is important to take care of them. I enjoy doing it and really do love my job.”
  • “I started this work because it was conducive to my family life and did not think I would be doing it for over twenty-five years, but I learned I enjoy helping people.”
  • “I enjoy doing this work.”

Ask why this work is important to them and the answers are as different as the individual:

  • “My client depends on my care and I want to help them get through their daily life as fulfilling and healthy as possible. Seeing the smile on each client’s face when I come to work in the morning makes me feel good, like I am doing something right.”
  • “My clients educate me through their memories. It is important to see them as though they are young; it gives you sympathy for what it will be like when I am also old.”
  • “I get satisfaction when the client and their families are happy and content with the quality of service I offer to their loved one.”

Aides will tell you that they are constantly learning:

  • “Older people do not know you when you first start working with them and it is very hard for them. You must prove to each client that you are trustworthy and for each it is different. But when they get used to you and trust you, you are connected with them like they are your parents and you can have fun together.”
  • “Each client has a story to tell that is different, where they lived, where they worked and family is important to them.”
  • “Every day is a learning experience. You never know what you will learn.”

Our Springpoint at Home aides take pride in taking the best care possible of your elder. They want each family to know that they are seasoned, hard workers with the experience to take care of your loved ones. The goal of each aide is to bring peace and comfort to the life of your loved one and to assure the family that they can trust them to do the best they can and that your elder will be fine in their care. Please call us if we can help at: 844-724-1777.


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