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Connection and social interaction are critical for all ages, but especially for our elders. If there was ever any doubt, the pandemic taught us that social isolation can be both emotionally and physically damaging. How can we help nurture social wellness later in life?

Social wellness refers to the relationships we have and how we interact with others. Springpoint at Home recognizes how important social wellness is to our clients. We know that as people age, health and mobility issues make it hard to broaden social circles at the very time when they are growing smaller. As part of the support team, we help emotionally because your elder feels cared for. We help instrumentally by cooking a meal or doing laundry and informationally by providing needed resources.

So how do our elders nurture supportive relationships and foster connections with new and old friends? It is important to find ways to continue engaging with other people in the community. More and more senior centers are open for lunches and programs. Many have kept the online communities which grew out of the pandemic intact, giving our elders more options. If possible, a class – either in person or online – brings not only a new outlet, but also (in the case of yoga, tai chi, or another physical activity) the opportunity for integrating self-care into their day. A cooking, writing, art, or music class not only engages different parts of the brain, but also allows us to appreciate the beauty in the world around us as we connect with new people.

The idea in all of these activities is to foster a genuine connection. Here at Springpoint at Home, we understand that people with a strong social network respond better to stress and have less anxiety. And that results in better overall health.

Our Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA) can be the first of many new supportive relationships, from cooking together, to shared laughter, to helping our clients maintain their social networks and developing new friendships. Our Aging Life Care Advisor™/Care Management team can help find resources like a senior center and local or online classes. We know how important positive influences are in life and how imperative it is to take time to listen and be there in the moment. These habits of social wellness are integral to our work, and we strive to be that influence for every one of our clients.

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