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Home care worker with patient.

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November is Home Care and Hospice month. It is fitting that we celebrate the nurses, home-care aides, therapists and social workers who play a critical role in our healthcare system and in our homes the same month we celebrate family caregivers.

Springpoint at Home celebrates, this month and always, the compassion and caring their home care aide’s, nurses and social workers show day in and day out. Without these essential workers, the 90% of Americans who want to age in place would be unable to fulfill that dream.

Springpoint at Home understands the invaluable role aides play as caregivers, companions and friends to our elders, disabled and chronically ill loved ones. Home-care aides leave their families to take care of yours. They work tirelessly to provide compassionate, high-quality care and serve as the eyes and ears for the family, often uncovering additional physical, spiritual and social needs of your loved one.

Springpoint at Home nurses ensure that the care your loved one receives at home, no matter where home may be, is of the highest quality. Our nurses serve as a sounding board if an aide notices a physical or mental change. In-home visits track changes and are quickly brought to the attention of the primary care physician and family.

Springpoint at Home understands that when you don’t live close to your family member, a circle of care for your loved one is critical. Our social workers who serve in the role of Care Manager complete that circle of care. These dedicated professionals wear many hats. On any given day they may make sure your loved one has their medication, ensure the food in the refrigerator is unspoiled and even find someone to walk a beloved pet in bad weather.

Here are just a few of the dedicated Springpoint at Home staff:

Gesta Dussinty – Home Health Aide
Gesta is a 2020 employee of the month because families request to have her care for their loved one’s time and again. She has worked many hours and gone back again if needed even when very tired as she knows her client needs her. She is professional and kind to our schedulers no matter what. She shares the values of safety, professionalism and integrity.

Monica Bynum Home Health Aide – Client Testimonial
I am so pleased you have recognized Monica, my Home Aide. Monica bonded with my husband from day one. She helps get him out of bed and dressed with a cheery attitude. He has dementia, so she hears a lot of repeated questions and is always patient. One day when I came in from outside, she was reading to him from a favorite book about his ancestry that my son had written. Another day she was looking at his picture books with him. She has been a blessing to us.

Belby and Shanea Smith- Home Health Aides
Both Belby and Shanea were nominated by a family who lost their loved one to COVID-19. The family was so appreciative of the care they gave and that these women facilitated social media videos when contact was limited allowing the family to talk with their loved one. They worked tirelessly with those who were COVID positive and did not back down or give up in fear.

In these uncertain times, we are happy to celebrate the dedication of our staff. We hope it helps you to know that Springpoint at Home professionals are here for your loved one, going above and beyond what is required.


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