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senior and healthcare worker with face masks on walking through a senior living community

Home Care

Typically, we envision nurses in doctor’s offices or hospital settings, but their care and insight can be found in many other places such as schools, businesses and home care agencies to name a few.

Springpoint at Home is proud to have three dedicated nurses on staff:  Linda Cruzeta, RN Nursing Supervisor, Carol Koenigsfest, RN Nursing Supervisor, and Shann McGwier, Staff Nurse.

The role of nurses in a home care setting is a non-medical one. They work with the aide and Care Manager/Aging Life Care Advisor™ to keep an eye on the health of your loved one and communicate with family members if they have a concern. At Springpoint at Home, family members know they can reach out via a call or text and do not have to wait for a monthly visit to express a concern.  Our nurses give one-on-one attention to clients and their families. That kind of attention is one of the things they enjoy most about their work.

The Springpoint at Home nursing teams meet clients during their admission visits which continues with monthly assessments. These assessments are used to guide the aides they supervise on how to provide the best possible care for their client so they can maintain their optimal level of function. Regular conversations with our team ensure that we work together to resolve client needs.

Their relationships with clients, aides and Care Managers/Aging Life Care Advisors™ are built on mutual respect and it is the foundation of our nursing staff’s work.

“I treat every client like an individual because no two people are the same. It is important that I speak to them with respect, listen to their concerns and address their issues. You have to answer questions to the best of your ability. You have to remember that clients with dementia are still adults, they’re still an individual and you need to treat them with dignity and care just like you would your own family member. We must leave the client feeling heard, answer all their questions and show them that we care about them as people.” Linda Cruzeta, Supervisor RN

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for the Springpoint at Home nurses and their staff, and for clients and their families.

“Every aspect of our job has been impacted. Not only for nursing, but for our aides, clients and their families,” Carol Koenigsfest, RN Nursing Supervisor.

Pulling together required leaning into two Springpoint at Home’s core values: compassion and respect. The compassion shown to clients, their families and other staff members went above and beyond expectations. The dignity and value given to each person was appreciated by clients and families. Today we honor and say thank you to our nurses.  We are grateful for our nursing team and for all they do.


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