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Springpoint at Home, like all other home health companies in New Jersey, undergoes a lot of oversight. Considered a home care / health care services firm, a license to operate comes out of the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. To receive a license, New Jersey requires a home health company to be accredited and that accreditation body audits the agency for compliance.

Accreditation helps to protect the consumer and ensure better quality of care. In normal times, that is difficult enough. But in times like a pandemic, having an organization behind you that can educate and update management on daily changes to direct care and policy is invaluable.

We at Springpoint at Home are proud to have received accreditation from the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) one of five accrediting bodies in New Jersey. CHAP is a good fit for Springpoint at Home because they are the longest standing accrediting body focused solely on community-based care.

We look forward to working with CHAP and receiving educational emails and flyers geared towards caregivers which help us understand changes to a counties vaccination policy and infection control. When a home care agency works in multiple counties, it can be difficult to keep up with nuances from each and having CHAP provide quality measures, along with a nurse auditor, we feel confident that we are not only adhering to the law but providing the best services possible to our clients.

If you are thinking of hiring a home care agency, do not be swayed when they advertise, “registered or bonded” as this is not equivalent to accreditation and does not give you the same consumer protections. When doing your research look for the accreditation seal and take note of which of the five licensing bodies is listed. You can call the Division of Consumer Affairs with any questions or look on the website to confirm accredited agencies within the State.

Here at Springpoint at Home, our goal is to ensure the quality of our home care agency and we are confident our CHAP accreditation does just that. To learn more about Springpoint at Home, and the benefit of our services, call 844-724-1777.


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