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This blog has been adapted from an article originally published in the Mercer County Woman.

As women, many of us juggle caring for others while trying to stay sane and live our best lives. Many of us are caregivers for more than one person: our children, aging parents, friends and neighbors. As one friend of mine in her forties said, I don’t know why they say we are the sandwich generation—this is a hot panini press!” If you feel like you are being pressed tight and not sure how to take some of the heat or pressure off, this is where an Aging Lif e Care Professional™ (formerly known as a geriatric care manager) can help!

What is an Aging Life Care Professional? He or she is a health and human services specialist who is a guide, advocate and resource for families caring for an older person or disabled adult. They may be trained in counseling, gerontology, mental health or social work, with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and caregiving. They have knowledge of the costs, quality and availability of resources in their communities and are members of the Aging Life Care Association®.

How can an Aging Life Care Professional help? It may be time to reach out for intermittent support, a family meeting or assessment in the following situations:

  • The person you care for has multiple chronic illnesses or mental health issues or is not safe
  • There is confusion about the current legal or financial situation
  • The person has limited or no family support
  • You are feeling overwhelmed or “burned out”
  • You are at odds over care decisions
  • You need education or direction for a person with dementia

What are the benefits?

A professional from our agency provides accessible, personalized and compassionate service. With very small client lists, we know you like family. With a continuity of care between family, doctors and professionals, costs are contained as unnecessary hospitalizations and duplication of services are avoided. Our quality control is unparalleled: we follow a strict code of conduct and oversee our clients in a variety of settings. This holistic, client-centered approach gives everyone peace of mind.
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