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Valentine’s Day just passed and it is the first of many holidays where we struggle to find the right gift for the person in our life who has everything, our elder. Displays in stores and commercials on TV all work to convince us that flowers, candy or jewelry are the one thing that will make our person feel loved. The practical side of us may feel socks or a new robe is a better way to show we care. And yet, as nice as these gifts are, feeling socially connected and spending time with people they care about is what our elder wants and needs.

A study by the University of California San Francisco conducted before the pandemic found that more than 40 % of seniors regularly experience loneliness. The fallout from loneliness is compelling: it increases the likelihood of mortality by 26% ad it increases the chance of developing clinical dementia by 64%.

What brings these statistics down drastically are elders who feel connected. Connection is not the same as social interaction. The loneliest place in the world is a crowded room where you feel no connection to anyone in the room.

Connection means being open and available to one another, and true connection is found in the empathy and compassion we have for one another. When our day is consumed with completing all the tasks required of us, including caregiving, it is hard to connect with your elder.

When we make the time to be with our loved one, truly listen to them, share stories, meals and activities, we reconnect on a level that makes room for empathy and compassion, something too often lost in our caregiver “to do” list. This reconnecting as a child, spouse or friend, instead of a caregiver, is so important but it is difficult to do without help.

Our Certified Home Health Aides give you back time with your elder through help with activities of daily living and companionship. Our Aging Life Care Advisors ™ / Care Managers give you back time as they coordinate care through crisis management, accompaniment to doctor appointments, help to organize and runs errands and serve as liaisons for family members along with many other offerings. Call today to learn more about Springpoint at Home’s service at 844-724-1777.


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