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The more a caregiver knows about someone’s early years, the better equipped they are to give them the best possible care. This is true for family caregivers and professionals as well. Here at Springpoint at Home, we try to understand our clients from every aspect and we rely on the family to give us a complete picture. A focus on their health history is important, but we also look to understand who they are as a complete person and that includes the story of their early years.

Understanding someone’s history guides us and is especially important if they have dementia or are a survivor of a traumatic event such as the Holocaust or war.

For someone with dementia, knowing about their early years helps us to live in their reality. A photo album which chronicles their early life and includes dates and descriptions, like high school, senior prom or vacation Italy, when looked at together gives context to where they might be living in that moment.

Routine is important for people living with a progressive brain disease. Having a familiar aftershave to use when getting ready in the morning or knowing that “snug as a bug in the rug” was a phrase their mother used when they went to sleep, can go a long way to making them feel safe and ease problem routines.

For someone who has lived through a traumatic event, it helps to be aware of significant dates that may be triggers. The time leading up to these dates and the date itself may be difficult for them. Total darkness can also be a problem and letting them sleep with lights on can help alleviate the anxiety.

Because so much was taken away from them during war or the Holocaust, the need for freedom to do what they want is important, but must be balanced with safety.
For each of these people living with a progressive brain disease and those who have survived a traumatic event, flexibility is key. Giving them a choice around the time of day for a shower or a meal lets them feel in control, which is important.

Here at Springpoint at Home, we are committed to caring for the whole person. Our Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs) are empowered to give the best care possible when they know about their clients past history.


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