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Compassionate Home Care for Seniors

Doctors, nurses, care managers and home health aides are just a few of the frontline workers who put in long hours to help people who don’t feel well and are often not at their best. They do it because they care about their patients and clients and believe in what they are doing. These professionals know better than anyone how hard the work is physically and emotionally and still they choose to be a caregiver day after day.

Springpoint at Home Healthcare Heroes

Springpoint at Home is proud of our frontline workers who carry out their day-to-day duties during COVID-19 with compassion, going above and beyond what we could have expected of them, showing us every day that working in healthcare is a calling.

February, with the celebration of Valentine’s Day, is the month when our thoughts turn to romantic love. But there is another type of love practiced by caregivers everywhere and that love is “Agape.”

Agape is one of four words the ancient Greeks had for love. It is different because it does not focus on self, but rather focuses on others. Agape is love as an action.

Agape love takes courage, sacrifice and strength. It is personified every day in the work of our Springpoint at Home aides and staff. They are committed to the actions that ensure our clients’ physical, mental and emotional health.

Compassionate Care

Caring for someone is a very personal business. These day-to-day actions are where families are built and we are so proud of all our staff who become honorary members of a family. Staff like aide Prudance (“Trudy”) Jaychon, who was thanked by one family with this beautiful letter: “I can concisely sum up Trudy’s qualities in two words: Miracle Worker. Thanks to Trudy’s tender loving care and concern, my in-laws are living their best lives possible given their medical issues. Our family is indebted to Trudy for the care and love she has given my in-laws for the past ten months. I now consider Trudy part of our family. She works tirelessly and reliably for long hours and never complains. From my personal experience, there is no one more qualified in her field.

Then there is Monica Bynum who received this testimonial from her client: “I am so pleased you have recognized Monica, my Home Aide. Monica bonded with my husband from day one. She helps get him out of bed and dressed with a cheery attitude. He has dementia, so she hears a lot of repeated questions, always patient. One day when I came from outside, she was reading to him from a favorite book about his ancestry that my son had written. Another day she was looking at his picture books with him. She has been a blessing to us.

Trudy and Monica are just two Springpoint at Home staff members who choose caregiving every day and personify agape – love as an action.

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